Thursday, July 10, 2008

pee pee in Potty

It is a very important day in the Hartley household! Emma has officially decided to use the potty! She thinks it is so exciting to bring me the little potty bowl and say "I go pee pee"! She is so proud of herself and so am I. I can finally have a little rest on the diaper bill. I have been buying diapers for 3 years. I went from buying diapers for Madison to Madison and Emma at one point and then down to just Emma. I am hoping within the next few weeks we will no longer be visiting Target as frequently! Yeah! There is only one condition to this potty training madness, She will only use the potty if she is naked. I Bought her really cool Dora panties last night hoping that she would not go in them and she did twice. So we are going to have to get use to those panties, but it is a great start to my little Emme growing up.