Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweeped Away

Pearcia would like me to write a blog since it has been so long and really it has been 5 months since I last blogged that is crazy! Time goes by so fast!
Today I was actually sweeping the wonderful wood floors that we have and was thinking man I really could write a blog about sweeping because it seems like a sweep everyday. Yes we have rugs at every door, area rugs for whatever purpose that is for, to create a space or something I guess, but anyway it seems like there is always food, dust balls, hair or cracker crumbs on the floor daily and it makes me crazy!!! I will sweep one day and the very next day there will be dust balls. How do dust balls collect so quick. Anyway that is just something stupid that I notice because it seems I spend a lot of time at home.
Back to this blog business, Blogging is just not my thing. I would love for everyone of you just to come over and have a cup of joe and I will bake you something yummy and we can talk about our lives, our blogs! That would be so fun. I feel like I keep up with everyone because I read your blog, but then i see you and I see your blog in my brain and I think I would rather see your pretty face on my couch chatting with me! So call and make an appointment! ha ha would love to chat.
We have been doing so many new, fun things these days! Madison is in preschool part of the day and she just loves it. She is so smart! I think every mom thinks that about their kid, but she is the youngest kid in her class and she keeps up. I love to watch her face when we get there and sees her teacher. She loves her so much! My little miss independent Emma is giving me a run for my money these days. She seems to have something to say after everything I tell her to do and most of the time she is deciding to do something else other than what I tell her to do. It's fun. She has a case of the terrible twos! But that sweet little face of hers gets me everytime. So hard to punish her when those blue eyes are looking up at you. My weakness I guess but im cracking down. I cant handle it anymore. My cute little husband has been doing so great! That guy works so hard and drives such a pile to work. He got this free BMW awhile ago so that he would have a car to drive in the rain instead of his motorcyle. So he got that thing all souped up to drive, smog, gas, fluids, and guess what the windshield wipers dont work and he has to disconnect the battery everytime he gets out of the car because something is draining the battery and he can't figure it out. It's kinda funny. but now the floor boards are wet which means there is a leak. What else will go wrong? I guess you will have to stay tuned, but he is such a sport and he doesn't complain most of the time. haha. As for me, I have been doing super. I started doing wedding coordinating awhile ago and we are getting closer to wedding season so I am so stooked! I have a few summer weddings to keep me busy and have really been enjoying the planning process. They are going to be great! Matt and I have been making time for the two of us lately. Last weekend for Valentines Day we took a trip to Chico. We spent the night in a really fun hotel with a spa in our room. Super fancy! Had some really great food and some good one on one time! So nice to have grandparents in town. We have also been so blessed to have some really great friends! We have a life group at our house and have really been getting to know other couples and their kids. It is so great to watch God work in our lives everyday! We are so truly blessed. So you know me I probably wont blog again for a while so you will have to call me and I will have you over to chill. The door is always open and something yummy is in the oven for ya!